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WinAPE is provided free of charge, but a lot of time and effort goes into it's development. It's always nice to receive good feedback, and that's what keeps me going with the project. I often have to take time off from other paying projects to find the time these days, so if you're feeling generous, a little contribution would be much appreciated.


WinAPE : Screen Shots

Welcome to the screen shots area, you are currently viewing the demos section. All screen grabs have been taken from WinAPE running each of the following titles and reflect the capability of the emulated features.

We also have screen grabs of WinAPE running commercial games, to view these click here.

Overflow Preview Part 1
CRTC 0 only. Really nice parallax scrolling and graphics. Makes the real Shadow of the Beast look a bid sad.
Overflow Preview Part 2
CRTC 0 only, and must not have CPC Plus features enabled. This demo uses a CRTC register 0 setting of 2 in the sine-scroll section. You wouldn't believe how a real CRTC 0 handles this setting!
Overflow Preview Part 3
CRTC 0 only. Multiple horizontal splits. This makes S&KOH look simple.
Divine Megademo - Last Part
The large text in the middle zooms in and out at 50 frames per second.
Dreamend Megademo Part 3
CRTC 1 only. Multiple horizontal splits on a CRTC type 1.
Dreamend Megademo Part 4
CRTC 1 only. Many demo effects together.
Dreamend Megademo Part 5
CRTC 1 only. See it running, there's lots of bouncing sections and nice colours.
Megaparty Demo - Arnie Part
CRTC 0 only. It's been done before, but this is a large scrolling section using single-scan splits, and it looks nice.
Mystery Megademo Part 2
CRTC 1 only. Nothing particularly special, but it took a lot to get this working properly.
Odyssey Intro
This shows off WinAPE monitor HSYNC emulation in the flames at the bottom.
Only For Your Eyes II - No More Part
CRTC 1 only. Another really tricky demo to get working.
OnlyFor Your Eyes II - Siren Part
CRTC 1 or 3 only. Another demo which uses the monitor HSYNC emulation.
Overlanders 96 Meeting - Madram's Part
Really cool plasma effect at the top.
Overlanders 96 Meeting - Squat's Part
Need to have CPC Plus features enabled and no ROMs over the cartridge for this to use the Plus colour scheme. No tricky hardware effects, just a huge, nice software scroll.
Prophecy Megademo - Psyko Intro
CRTC 0 and 3 only. This uses monitor HSYNC effects combined with vertical parallax rasters. Looks quite cool.
My very own River Scroll Demo
NoCRTC 1. Finely tuned palette switching to get scrolling cloud shadows in the river, and my very first multiple split-screen and byte-at-a-time hardware scroll. I got 5 sections horizontally on each character. The Demo (below) only managed to get 3.
The Demo - Part 5 - 3D Scroll
Same effect as the River Scroll (above), but only 3 sections wide per character.
Voyage 93 - Part 1
Lots of colourful scrolls. Voyage 93 detectsan ASIC if the CPC Plus BASIC ROM is loaded.
Voyage 93 - Part 7 - Hard 'n' Heavy
CRTC 0. Lots of mixed effects including a nice raster split in the middle.
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