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WinAPE is provided free of charge, but a lot of time and effort goes into it's development. It's always nice to receive good feedback, and that's what keeps me going with the project. I often have to take time off from other paying projects to find the time these days, so if you're feeling generous, a little contribution would be much appreciated.


WinAPE : Screen Shots

Welcome to the screen shots area, you are currently viewing the games section. All screen grabs have been taken from WinAPE running each of the following titles and reflect the capability of the emulated features.

We also have screen grabs of WinAPE running scene demos, to view these click here.

180 Darts
Very playable. Possibly the only darts game I've seen.
AMC - Astro Marine Corps
Beautiful Software Parallax scrolling and sprites. Great music. Very playable game.
Fantastic Mode 1 graphics. One of the most enjoyable graphic adventures ever.
Bomb Jack
The CPC version is possibly the most playable version
Chase HQ
Smooth driving game where the object is to ram the crooks off the road.
Chuckie Egg
One of the great all-time classics. Who needs graphics when you've got playability like this?
Donkey Kong
Another all-time arcade classic. The CPC version is very close to the arcade in all aspects.
Fruity Frank
A Dig-Dug clone that's much more playable.
One of the best games on the CPC. Great Graphics and sound. Great to play, though perhaps a little bit too hard for me.
Match Point
Great two player action in this simple tennis game.
Excellent graphics, sound and gameplay. Perhaps a little too easy.
A superb platform/puzzle game with a unique twist
P-47 Freedom Fighter
The best horizontally scrolling shoot-em-up for the CPC. Nice graphics and sound effects, and plenty of pace.
Prince Of Persia
Just as nice looking and playable as any other version
Rick Dangerous
Fantastic platform puzzle game. Rick Dangerous II is also one of my favourites, but I prefer this game.
Shadow Dancer
Lots of decent sized well-drawn sprites without being too slow to play.
One of the few games released for the CPC Plus. Never got very far in this game, but enjoyed playing it.
Very difficult game. Bit of a change from the standard shoot-em-up style game. This one will keep you going for ages.
WEC Le Mans
An enjoyable racing game with nice Mode 1 graphics
West Bank
Shoot the bad guys, collect the money. A real test of reflexes this one.
Zap t Balls
The demo-style intro is the only bit I actually like. The rest of the game has an awful pink colour scheme.
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